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Precision Planned Fields

Agronomy is the science of growing plants as effectively as possible. Agronomists focus on integrating every element of plant-growing practices from soil management to plant genetics to the technology used in growing. With expert, agronomy advice farms of all different types can thrive and grow in new ways. Our agronomy service teams are experts in the precise science of agronomy and sustainable agriculture, and you have access to them as part of our service. We will consult with you to help you plan your fields and get the tools you need to make your farm as efficient as possible. Our agronomy team evaluates each farm down to ¼ acre land segments and builds a plan that will integrate each part of the farm.

Our agriculture experts help local farmers plan their field management using the latest data analysis tools paired with the highest quality seeds and equipment. We focus on the precise management of each field to produce the optimal yield. Our agronomy services break land out into ¼ acre sections to ensure each piece of land is best cared for, and that help farmers implement sustainable practices in their fields. Our field planning process takes into account every aspect of farmland management including seed buying and usage, planting protocols used, chemicals implemented, and plant nutrient management. Fitting each element together creates effective and long-lasting fields.

Sustainable Agriculture

The agronomy professionals that we have on staff and partner with are focused on implementing holistic farming practices that guide optimal relationships between plants, soil, livestock, people, water and the handling of weeds and crop pests. Sustainable farming practices seek to ensure high-quality yields, improve cost efficiency, improve soil and plant health, and create safer environments. The science of agronomy involves a great deal of research to provide innovative farm practices and technologies to local farmers. That is why we want to partner with you to provide you with our farming experts and data from reliable resources.

Grow from the Best

Precise and sustainable field planning is only a part of the solution, the final aspect is the product itself. We partner with the most trusted seed supplier on the East Coast, Hubner Seed. Hubner itself has conducted countless agricultural studies and keeps the most up-to-date data on all aspects of agronomy in the Eastern United States. The seeds Hubner offers are thoroughly tested with data analysis tools and come with extensive information on each one. The partnership with Hubner helps us provide farmers with the best-quality seeds available backed by local research. And each of our agronomy locations has an expert team equipped with the knowledge to help you succeed.

Do you have a Precision Ag/FieldAlytics User account with us for your agronomy work?  Click Here to log-in and see up-to-date information on your fields.  You can contact your local Agronomy Specialist to get your farm set-up with an account.

Our Agronomy Locations

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Our Field Staff

John Everhart

Agronomy Field Specialist

Serving Franklin County, and surrounding areas

Wes Weaver

Agronomy Field Specialist

Serving Southern Rockingham, Augusta, and surrounding areas

Ben Chandler

Agronomy Field Specialist

Ben serves Northern Rockingham County, southern Shenandoah County, and surrounding areas of West Virginia.

Dusty Life

Agronomy Field Specialist

Dusty serves Eastern Rockingham, Page, and the surrounding areas.

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