A women kneeling beside a leave blower.
A chainsaw cutting into wood.
A weed eater leaning against a wall.
A person holding a chainsaw cutting wood.

If you have a passion for your outdoor work and maintenance then you need an equipment dealer with the same level of passion. We pride ourselves in being a STIHL authorized reseller and having certified mechanics on staff at all of our STIHL locations. We know the battery and gas operated equipment inside and out, and we are readily available to help you get the right STIHL products to make your jobs more successful. If your STIHL equipment needs maintenance you can bring it right to the store you bought it at, our certified mechanics will answer any questions you have and help you keep your equipment running smoothly.

You can expect to find chainsaws and other cutters, leaf blowers, power washers, lawn mowers, and other outdoor power equipment. As well as all of the accessories and replacements parts you might need. You can find gas and battery units at many of our ACE locations.

Visit our Full Service STIHL retailer locations below to find location-specific deals, contact the store, and even place orders.

STIHL Battery Powered Products are also available at the above Rockingham Cooperative ACE Hardware locations.

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