Feed With A Purpose

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Amino Power Show Feed

Rockingham Cooperative’s own branded line of show feed is now available at your local Rockingham Cooperative Farm Supply store. Amino Power Show Feed is a full-line of products for a four (cattle, hogs, goats & lambs) show species that offers a cost-effective show feed for youth exhibitors providing high-quality nutrition to your livestock while not weighing too heavy on the exhibitors pocket book. 

Feed With A Purpose

We say “Feed With A Purpose” because the market livestock that are grown and shown at county fairs, and throughout the club show circuit, today are athletes and should be treated as such. Amino Power Show Feed was specifically formulated with the athlete’s best nutrition in mind. A synergistic relationship between our ingredients allows for continual absorption of protein throughout the entire digestion process and a greater return on your investment. Feed With A Purpose, knowing what ingredients you are putting in front of your market project, and having confidence in knowing they are the right fit for your goals!

Investing in the Future of Agriculture

4-H & FFA youth development programs provide youth interested in agriculture with numerous structured educational opportunities, such as raising livestock, to set them up to success in a chosen career path as well as in their day-to-day life. Rockingham Cooperative is proud to support the hardworking youth that are showcasing their skillsets each and every day with the success of their youth livestock projects in the 4-H & FFA programs they participate. That is why we are proud to invest in these programs, and youth directly, with our Amino Power Show Feed program. Rockingham Cooperative takes $1 from each bag of Amino Power Show Feed sold and invests it into our Youth Agricultural Support Fund to financially support the efforts of our youth exhibitors at market animal show & sales in our service area. This same practice is encouraged by our authorized manufacturers and re-sellers, to invest in their own service area youth programs.

Available at the Following Locations

Authorized Amino Power Show Feed Dealers


Contact us, below, to see how you can become an authorized Amino Power Show Feed Dealer in your marketplace.

Have Questions?

We’re glad to hear of your interest in our line of show feed. If you have any questions about Amino Power or Rockingham Cooperative’s support of our area youth agricultural programs please reach out to one of us at customerservice@rockinghamcoop.com.

Robbie McCammon

Field Sales & Service

Amino Power Show Feed & Youth Livestock Consultant

Adam Ford

Marketing/Social Media Specialist

Rockingham Cooperative Youth Agricultural Support Program & Amino Power Show Feed Lead

Jeff Tyson


Formulator of Rockingham Cooperative’s Amino Power Show Feeds

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