Thanks to Ellington Enterprises for partnering with us earlier this year with our Amino Power Show Feed feeding trial!

We were pleased with the results that this feed trial, and others like it, produced in terms of final market-ready livestock. Ellington Enterprises fed Amino Power Show Feed to their weaning lambs, at first as a creep, and then on full-feed, until they reached full market weight.

As you can tell, Shelley and the rest of her family-run operation were very happy with the results of the trial, both in terms of production and financially. This feed was specifically formulated with youth livestock producers in-mind but makes a perfect fit for club or market producers trying to find the right fit for their operation.

Each bag of feed, for all four species, is built from the ground up with science – focusing on the amino acid profile absorbed in your livestock’s’ stomach and GI tract. The results is this highly digestible combination of ingredients that provide strong rate of gain numbers while putting pounds of LEAN muscle on your livestock from day-one.

Rockingham Cooperative offers Amino Power Show Feed at each of their Farm Supply locations for all four main species of show livestock. The hog feed is pelleted and lamb, goat, & cattle feed come textured. Pick up a bag at your local Rockingham Cooperative today!

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