We are pleased to announce that Daniel “DJ” Myers has accepted the position of Division Manager of Agronomy, replacing David Jessee when he retires at the end of the year in 2022.

DJ Myers has been a part of our team since January 2019 when he joined our Bridgewater Ag location. He has been the manager of our Bridgewater Ag location since the beginning of 2020. DJ has been farming since the mid 90’s working with the family dairy farm along with a beef herd and crop production. Before returning to farming he was involved in feed production and delivery. He has management experience and years of farming knowledge which has been an asset to the Agronomy Division, our member-owners, and our cooperative. His experience has been invaluable in meeting the goals and objectives at Bridgewater.

“I look forward to working closer with DJ as he transitions into this new role as our next Agronomy Division Manager. We appreciate his experience that will help to fill the shoes and knowledge of our outgoing Agronomy Division Manager, David Jessee, when he retires later this year. Our cooperative continues to be in good capable hands as we work to provide goods and services for our member-owners and the agricultural community in the areas we serve.” – Sam Liggett, Chief Operations Officer

We are confident that DJ will be an asset in this new position and look forward to his success in this new assignment.

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