We’ve been working EXTREMELY hard for the past year to bring a service to our customers that has been desperately requested and demanded (hint: it has to do with online shopping).

After much prep work and lots of reviewing we’re finally ready to “launch” what has been available for the past 6 months for our customers, without you even knowing about it!

YOU CAN SHOP WITH ROCKINGHAM COOPERATIVE ONLINE!!!  That’s right, you can shop at our location in Harrisonburg from the comfort of your home/farm/business and conveniently schedule pick-up or shipping! Online shopping has never been easier since we’re selling goods from our Harrisonburg inventory, only, at this time but look forward to expanding that offering to additional stores in the future!

Have you ever wondered if we have a specific piece of equipment in stock for your crossbow? Or what our price is on pet supplies, deer attractants, Ariat boots, or even livestock feed???  YOU CAN FIND THOSE OUT WITHOUT HAVING TO CALL THE STORE, OR COME INTO THE STORE! We are still here to serve you in person but want to make this opportunity available to you and we HOPE you’ll LOVE it as much as we do!

Do you want to know the best part??? We have even more AWESOME stuff coming to make our online store EVEN BETTER!!!  Those announcements will be coming in the near future, but stay tuned. We are working diligently to allow our account holders to access their charge accounts while online shopping (including charge account access) and will be expanding the number of stores you can select inventory from in the near future.

In the meantime, be sure to go to www.shoprockinghamcoop.com to see our selection of products available for sale online at our Harrisonburg Ag/Sporting Goods/Clothing location.

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