At the end of November Mike Catron, an Agronomy Specialist with Rockingham Cooperative, was awarded the Excellence in Crop Advising Award from Mid-Atlantic Certified Crop Advisors organization.  Rockingham Cooperative is very proud of Mike, and his accomplishments, all in an effort to support our customers/members in their agricultural efforts.  This award recognizes Mike’s accomplishments and success in these areas, which we believe his customers will whole-heartedly agree.  

Read the full press release, below, and learn more about the MACCA here.


Press Release from MACCA follows:

Title: Mid-Atlantic Certified Crop Advisor Excellence in Crop Advising Award

Queenstown, Maryland (November 25, 2019) – At the 2019 Mid-Atlantic Crop School, Mike Catron was recognized as the 2019 Mid-Atlantic Certified Crop Advisor Excellence in Crop Advising – CCA of the Year. This award recognizes a CCA who exemplifies the level professionalism, knowledge, and service to their customers that is expected of a CCA.

Mike is employed by Rockingham Cooperative in Virginia and has been providing consulting services to producers for over 20 years. His farmer clients grow and raise a diverse set of crops and livestock, including dairy, sorghum, corn, wheat, beef and alfalfa just to name a few. Mike advises his clients on Integrated Pest Management, fertility, crop planning, harvest management and conservation planning.  He firmly believes that continual improvement powered by technology allows farmers to improve their operation. Mike encourages stewardship through conservation and also precision agriculture. Utilizing the latest technology, Mike creates mapping plans to write variable rate nutrient application prescriptions for his clients. He is interested in trying out new methods and has created plots to measure yield differentials with an array of treatments including different seed, fungicides, and nutrient rates. Outside of work, Mike serves on the No-Till Alliance and supports youth activities along with his coop’s efforts toward FFA and 4-H.

Mid-Atlantic Certified Crop Advisor and MACCA Board member, David Jessee, says, “Mike has gone above and beyond in his 17 years of service, and we appreciate his dedication to the conservation and economic efforts of our growers and the community.”

Please visit our website for more information on the Mid-Atlantic Certified Crop Adviser Program.

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