We can feel summer coming, can’t you??  Get in the spirit by making this amazing DIY Stock Tank Herb Garden made by an employee at our Troutville location!  She’s outlined everything you’ll need below:

1 40gal Tarter trough (use a deeper trough for large plants or vegetables)
2 bags of river pebbles
A few feet of weed block fabric
1 bag of Just Natural Soil Conditioner
5 bags of 1CF Espoma Vegetable & Flower soil
Herbs or flowers of your choice

1. Carefully drill drainage holes in the bottom of the trough.
2. Pour the 2 bags of river pebbles into the bottom of the trough, smooth out evenly.
3. Cut off enough weed block fabric to cover the pebbles, this will keep soil from clogging the drain holes. Lay the fabric down, it may be easier to use a few extra pebbles to help hold it down.
4. Pour in the JN Soil Conditioner, spread evenly.
5. Pour in the vegetable soil.
6. Plant the herbs or flowers if your choice!

Have you made your own version of this raised garden?  Share your pictures with us!

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