Beginning in June 2023 over the counter antibiotics for livestock will be available by prescription only.

The following is a list of products that will require a veterinarian’s VCPR:


  • Sulfas: Sustain III, Albon
  • Tetracycline: Terramycin Bolus, Calf Scour Bolus



  • Penicillin: Pen G, DuraPen
  • Oxytetracline: LA 200, Normycin 300, Curamycin 72-200, Biomycin 200
  • Tylosin: Tylan 200
  • Sulfa: Di-Methox, SulfaMed
  • Erythromycin: Gallimycin 200



  • Penicillin: Masti-Clear
  • Cephapirin: ToDAY, ToMORROW


In order to buy the above antibiotics you will need a valid Veterinary – Client – Patient Relationship (VCPR).


You can read some Frequently Asked Questions about this new FDA rule, here.


Rockingham Cooperative has limited quantities of the above antibiotics in-stock at our Farm Supply locations for our customers up until the deadline for a VCPR requirement. Following June 2023 these antibiotics can be purchased from your veterinarian or through a mail-order pharmacy however, a veterinarian prescription must be on file.

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