Effective Friday, April 5th, Rockingham Cooperative’s Corporate Office will be re-located to 112 Meigs Lane in Dayton, VA.

The new office location, placed directly in-front of Rockingham Mill, will house all of Rockingham Cooperative’s corporate staff including: accounts payable, credit department, HR, IT, training department, commodities division, purchasing, & marketing offices.

Rockingham Cooperative customers and member-owners still have the ability to pay their bill at any Rockingham Cooperative retail location, and now have the opportunity to pay at an additional location, located at the new Corporate Center in Dayton. The move to 112 Meigs Lane by corporate staff will free up retail space for Rockingham Cooperative’s two Harrisonburg locations, and allow all corporate employee’s to be under the same roof while creating more available space for cooperative business.

“We’re excited to have all of our corporate employees under one roof at our new location in Dayton. This additional space will allow our cooperative to continue to grow to better support our member-owners.” – Norman Wenger, Rockingham Cooperative CEO

Rockingham Cooperative has been serving our community since 1921 and is Virginia’s oldest member-owned Cooperative.  They proudly have 14 locations in 6 counties across Virginia offering a variety of products and services to their member-owners and customers.


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